Dianne's Details

A Little Bit About Me...

Creating STAGED ENVY®, my Boutique Professional Home Staging & Interior Decorating Studio,  is the culmination of a lifelong desire!  I have always wanted to create stylish spaces and to express my creative and decorative talents. I am an Accredited Staging Professional® ASP® and a Certified Interior Decorator® CID® who knows that great decor is in the details and requires a curated approach! 

Since 2015, I have Professionally Staged and Decorated small event spaces and offices, as well as residences ranging from cozy condos to fine homes and I am always able to visualize positive potential!  Helping homeowners who are preparing to list their home for sale, or who want to live in their home more beautifully, is really a dream come true! 

My husband Dan was a Realtor® for over a decade and together we share a love of all things Real Estate.  We have renovated and sold our own homes more than a few times and I am very familiar with everything involved in those processes.  

Attracted to the “Best in Class” attitude of the residents and the natural beauty that surrounds Loudoun County, I moved here with my family from Washington DC to Leesburg, Virginia in 2010 and I have never looked back.  My favorite pastime is spending time on the weekends relaxing around Loudoun with Dan and our Black Lab Kaya ~ most especially when I am Curating Signature Cocktails and Vignettes for Intimate Occasions, which are always influenced by our escapades and experiences!


Dianne's Details Part Two...


Why I Love to Stage & Decorate!

Blending architectural details, current Interior Design trends, homeowner's lifestyles, existing furnishings or blank canvases, and the many other aspects of what goes into great decor is my passion!


Why I Created STAGED ENVY®

I love conceptualizing and completing every aspect of my projects.  

I take the time to let your goals and vision resonate before suggesting a thing.  I'm not cookie cutter - I percolate and and then I curate!

  It's the only way you will get STAGED ENVY®  


What My Clients Think!

 I am the most approachable and honest Accredited Staging Professional® and Certified Interior Decorator® you will ever meet!  

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