Staging to List for Realtors

Got Listing Envy?


 Choosing STAGED ENVY® 

means your listings will be!  

My attention to detail consultations are THOROUGH and SPOT ON!  

 Tell Your Client's STAGED ENVY® will most definitely help Maximize Their Equity 

& Minimize Their Stress!  

Why Staging Works!


A Professionally & Properly Staged home allows prospective buyers to envision themselves living in that home 

and making it their own!  

For listings from little to luxurious... 

If they can visualize the space, 

they will buy the place!



Consultations begin with each room being photographed, followed by a walk-through with the homeowner, Realtor and myself.  Areas of attention are discussed 

and furniture, art and accessory placement is planned.

Paint Color Consultations


 Whether your Listings 

are Occupied or Vacant, my paint color, recommendations and specifications 

will give your listing the 

WOW factor that every Realtor wants!  Paint colors can make or break a Sale!

Occupied Staging Consultations


My Occupied Staging Consultations 

include my very own 

Steps for Preparing 

Your Home for Listing Checklist 

to assist homeowners in prepping for pics! Detailed Reports Are Available Upon Request.

Vacant Stagings


 My staging inventory includes 

on-trend furnishings, art, accessories, area rugs and lamps that will make your Vacant Listing STAGED ENVY® 

Light, Partial & Full Stagings Available.

Staging to Live for Homeowners

Balanced Spaces


 Scale is everything!

If your furnishings are too small, too large, or not placed in the most optimal arrangement for you, your children, your pets and guests - no worries - I can grace your space! 

What is Staging to Live?


 Arranging your furniture and accessories so that your home looks and feels balanced, cohesive and flows well for your lifestyle and personality is essential...   That's Staging to Live! 

Cohesive Style


Feel like your style is lacking or don't know what your style is?  

By the time we finish chatting during our consultation, you will have a clear approach and direction for making 

your space - your place! 

Decluttering & Repurposing


 Sometimes Less is Definitely More!

I have a successful system to help you achieve the clean lines and uncluttered spaces that will refresh your rooms, give you a new perspective on your decor, improve your flow and simplify your life?  

Move-In Room Planning


I have lots of bright ideas for incorporating  your existing furnishings into your new home!  Moving furniture from one home 

into another can be a challenge - especially  if you are downsizing!

I am an expert at planning spaces so that your transition will be seamless!

Refreshing & Repainting


Refreshing the paint colors in your home is by far the most affordable and dynamic improvement you can make in terms of updating your rooms!  But don't do it alone!  With my Paint Color Personality Quiz, I will ensure that you are selecting the perfect color palette for your personality & space!